How to fix your Facebook Privacy Settings

There’s a lot of talk about the privacy issues of Facebook going around. To be frank, it’s your own fault if I’m able to download a picture of you.

In this post I’ll go over the basics about Facebook Privacy.Ready?

Step 1 (the easiest); Go to Account -> Privacy Settings. Go to any setting and click “Customize” at the bottom.

Now, I recomend to set almost everything to “Only Friends”. This means that only your friends can see the content. In some cases you might want to use Everyone or friends of friends (which is almost everyone, so beware).

Step 2; As you might have noticed about the image above it says “Trusted, Known”. Theese are the two groups of people whom I allow content access to. To create a group, go to “Friends” at the left side of the main page and select “Create a list” at the top. Now, enter everyone who you think should be grouped and save. This group can be allowed or denied access to content, just like you can limit single people.
For a more simple way, go “Account -> Edit friends” and then “All connections”. This allows you to see a list of everyone and everything that you are connected to. Create three lists named “Trusted”, “Known” and “Limited” with no members in them. Now, in the connections page, you can select which list a person should have, one by one. And since you can see everyone there, you won’t forget to add someone.

My setup is that I only allow sensitive content to people whom I consider to be “Trusted”, and I allow non-sensitive content for everyone who is “Known” by me. “Limited” is basicly everyone who I want to limit from getting any data about me, but I still want to have as a contact on Facebook. So a limited user has the same amount of info about me as a non-friend.

Step 3: Done!

A buttload of traffic!

Cheers fellow readers!

During the last three days this blog has had a tremendous amount of unique users, 190.000 and rising! It’s mostly thanks to my Antrim Escape walkthrough (search my blog and you’ll find it, if you ended up at this page instead of the guide). Thanks to you guys I just might be able to cover my webhost bill :D.

Anyhow if you’re reading this you’re either a regular reader (Welcome back), or someone who went from the guide to the main page (Welcome^^). I hope you’ll like my blog and decide to come visit again. Perhaps I’ll give out some more spotify invites or a way to hack your school’s systems. Or perhaps just an awesome new guide to an awesome new game you’ve never ever heard about. Until recent.

I’m updating at least three times a week, starting as of now, and I’m open to suggestions and problem-solving. Just post a comment or mail me at


Nu var tiden som gymnasieelev över, och tiden som arbetslös och sökande har börjat. En ny epok i mitt liv, fyllt av nya bekymmer och möjligheter.

Det första som jag insåg var att livet som arbetslös var fullt av komplikationer och brist på information. Det började redan när jag skrev in mig hos Arbetsförmedlingen. Där blev jag tvungen att blint välja en jobbcoach utan vidare information (som tur var valde jag en väldigt trevlig och kompetent en, men det visste jag ju inte då…) i en lång lista.

Vidare vet inte ens AF hur det går till om jag vill läsa ett par distanskurser under mitt sabbatsår. Kom igen nu AF, håll koll på vem som ska ha och inte ha ersättning! Lite mer än att skicka ut jobb att söka kan ni väl göra?

Det smärtfriaste var nog ändå hur man söker jobb, eftersom det är det minst byråkratiska. Man skickar helt enkelt in ett brev. Som tur är har jag enkelt för att formulera mig och skriva korrekt när jag anstränger mig, annars hade det varit ett bekymmer.

Jahapp, det blir att sysselsätta sig med något så att man inte degar ihop och blir en isolerad tomte som sover dagarna i ända.

Free Games, Free Playtime!

Normally when we play a game, it’s either bought or pirated. Except flash-games. They are retarded.
Anyhow, for those of you who like to stay legal – or have simply played all the existing games already – here’s a few games worth spending time on:

1. The NameLess Mod @
This is an awesome modification to Deus Ex (which itself is an awesome game, Steam charges 9,99€ for it) in which you play a dude named Trestkon. You are in a place called Forum City, and a moderator has gone missing.
Complete with new models, maps, textures and weapons as well as conversations (with audio) – this mod is one of the best ones I’ve ever played. Download!

Image from softpedia

2. AlienSwarm @ Steam
Normally, you need a game to play a mod – but not for Alienswarm! Go get it for free via Steam and kick some alien butt. With only one campaign, it’s a short mod, but still worth the diskspace. More and more addons for this modification are comming in, such as survival maps(called holdout) and new campaigns.
You control one out of four marines (8 to choose from) and the objectives are decided by the map.

3. Leuge of Legends @
Important note: there is diffrent registration sites and downloadable clients for EU and US.
Leuge of Legends, or LOL for short, is a Dota-based 3rd-person battlegame. You control a unit, called Hero, and the goal is to destroy the enemy base, called Nexus. Each team have five heroes.
You have four abilities, just like Dota and HoN, as well as two summoner abilities. You choose from abilities such as heal, clarity(mana resore), flash, exhaust(blind and slow) and smite(huge damage to creeps and pets).
If you have nothing to play, give LoL a try. It’s a great game.