English Country Tune Review

English Country TuneSo English Country Tune is quite a strange name for a puzzle game, but then again… it is quite of a strange game after all.

This puzzle game consists of multiple ‘worlds’, where each world is a puzzle game of its own. You are in control of a thin platform, able to move around in a 3D-block-world, but your goal and how the game works depends on the world in question. Perhaps it is to push one or more red balls into a designated area, or push blocks off the map.

I got it as a part of a humble bundle and checked out the Steam key for it. The trailer on Steam gives you a pretty good idea on what you get to play.

This game really caught my attention, and I’m rating it 4/5. I really wasn’t expecting something requiring this much thinking.

On the down side, the game doesn’t have much of a sound track. Aaaaaand you need to complete an entire world before you unlock another one… so prepare for quite a bit of frustration if you get stuck. YouTube saved me some headache.

Fractal: Make Blooms Not War Review

FractalI got this puzzle game cheap on Steam. I don’t think it syncs with the cloud (yet?) because every 15-minute session I play this game consists of me playing the first levels over and over.

Fractal is simple, you click to push hexagons around on a grid, and when you match 7 or more in a shape you get points.

The graphics are nice and really beautiful. And the audio changes depending on what’s happening, so that’s kind of cool. Everything just comes together.

I find it a little repetitive. After a few levels you get another colour to keep track of. Perhaps there’s more stuff later on which I haven’t found yet.

I’d rate it 3/5, but then again I’m not really a fan of these games. Nothing wrong with it, but it never got me interested.

Cubemen Review

Cubemen Cubemen is a tower defence game with a nice twist. Instead of building and placing towers you build and place units. Units are non-upgradable, and you have quite a few to choose from.

I got it on Steam, but I know it’s also available via the iOS App Store. It’s a simple game and I bet it’s nice on a tablet device. Yet I think it’s lacking on the PC.

After a couple of maps it becomes a bore. It’s the same thing, over and over. Perhaps I’m just dumb, but I can’t even tell what’s going on sometimes. The graphical style of the game is neat, but how do I recognize different enemies? Speaking of design, why can’t I see all the health bars?

If you like the simplicity, then it’s a great game, though.

I’d rate it 3/5. It’s a cheap and simple game which could easily last some 2-3 hours. Plenty of gameplay material if you enjoy it.

Hotline Miami crashing on Windows 8

“Let’s try Windows 8”, I thought. And then Hotline Miami stopped working, giving me some weird error.

So how’d I fix it? How did I stop Hotline Miami from crashing?

Do you remember the old “update your graphic card drivers”? Yeah. Go ahead and install the latest drivers and it should work fine. I had to get the beta drivers for my Radeon, though. But now it works.

Raspberry Pi – Transmit FM Radio

Did you ever want to play your own music on that unintelligent stereo? Well, apparently, now you can!

I stumbled across a nice guide on how to transmit FM radio with a Raspberry Pi, containing everything you need to set up your own radio station. Speaking of radio stations, do note that you need a proper license to transmit on a lot of frequencies. I seriously doubt you’ll be allowed to transmit on anything remotely close to what your old radio can tune in to (88-108 Mhz).

They claim you’re able to transmit on 1Mhz to 250Mhz though, so you might find somewhere to send, depending on local and national laws.

In some regions, you are allowed to transmit as long as the transmitter is weak enough not to interfere with other stations. If you live in Sweden, go ahead and read this.