bingoDet finns många underskattade saker här i världen, exempelvis klassisk musik, som i princip är död för många ungdomar idag. I kontrast finns det även väldigt många överskattade ting…

… skraplotter. Vad är poängen med skraplotter, egentligen? De kostar mycket pengar, och de anses helt okej att ge bort dem i present till någon. Vinner de inget har man ju egentligen gett bort ”ingenting”, men så uppfattas det tydligen inte.

Något som är enormt underskattat är bingo. Jag hade icke bangat att spela bingo om jag fick det i present, det är ju på något sätt mer av en sport än att skrapa en dyr lott som man aldrig vinner på.

Jag minns när jag var lite yngre, så hade min mormor införskaffat något billigt bingo-set där man snurrade en korg så att små gula bollar trillade ur den. ”19, 25, 33, 3, 12 – BINGO!”. Priserna varierade, från början var det småsaker som min mormor hade hittat i någon reahörna. Efter ett tag köpte vi alla själva priser och la i en pott, så att det skulle bli, om möjligt, ännu mer spännande.

Bingoutrustningen gick sönder och vi slutade spela bingo. Det var dock inte så hemskt länge sedan jag spelade bingo, men inte tillsammans med släkten utan med (eller spelar man mot?) främlingar. Tidigare hade jag registrerat mig på Svenska Spel för att kunna lämna in en lottorad eller spela på hästar om det någonsin skulle behövas, och såg att de även hade bingo, så jag testade.

Bingo är underskattat, det finns ju mer spänning än i skraplotter och andra spel. Man vet aldrig vilka nummer som kommer att komma, men man har ändå möjligheten att välja vilka brickor man vill ha.

Visserligen är Svenska Spel inte den mest optimala sidan att spela bingo på, vill man verkligen komma in i det får man söka upp en bingosida som verkligen satsar på just bingo, precis som att man får hitta en riktig pokersida om man vill spela poker.

Blog Updated!

I just finished updating the WordPress installation, which took some time. The automatic update didn’t work ’cause of some reason so I had to do it myself. Not too hard, just required a bit of reading.

I’m still astonished by how great it works, both running and updating, since it’s free. Cheers to you developers!


Merry Christmas everybody!

Do we still say that or do we go for “Happy Holidays”? Nah, let’s go for the oldskool and religious one – Merry Christmas!

I’d love to cheer you all up by replying to the comments on my latest walkthrough, but I’m off to my cousins to spend Christmas there. I’ll try to approve comments regularly, and help you out with any troubles when I’m home again.

Once again, Merry Christmas to all of you!

Antrim Escape 2 Walkthrough

Are you looking for the Antrim Escape 3 Walkthrough?

Are you looking for the Antrim Escape 2 Secret Escape? Click the link to get to the alternate escape walkthrough.

Antrim Escape 2 is an escape-based puzzle game (or the other way around) that is extremely challenging. Close to everyone get stuck somewhere, and this walkthrough aims at reducing the level of frustration when that happens. If you get stuck, come read this guide, and move on. I’m against simply following this Antrim Escape 2 Walkthrough in order to complete the game, it’s about enjoying the puzzles – not rushing through them.

But if you’re stuck – feel free to read more! It really sucks when you don’t know what to do.

My Walkthrough for Antrim Escape can be found here! If you like Antrim Escape 2, I think you’d like the first one as well.

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An Update

My birthday is tomorow – woho! Awesome.

I’ve been sloppy with updates here (if anyone cares, I’m sorry), due to a number of reasons. First off I’ve been at my friend’s place having a blast. LAN might not be healthy, but they sure are fun.

I’m working on a clean Minecraft texture pack which will give you a nice headache from walking around in a high contrast world with only “pure” colors. It’s just something about the feeling… feels like super-mario or something. Hehe, perhaps I’ll throw in a nice player skin as well.

I’m currently downloading and syncing Antrim Escape 2 . I’m really exited to play the sequel since the first game was awesome. I’m hoping to get more complex puzzles (the first game really had me thinking). Afterwards, I might just write another Antrim Escape 2 Walkthrough. Stay tuned.

How to repair your speakers

I just got back from repairing my speakers – an old 5.1 system from Logitech. In your face consumerism!

The initial problem was that one speaker was silent. It might not seem like a big deal, but I had removed the rear left and rear right speakers – making my system go from 5.1 to 2.1 (not using the middle speaker as well). Now 1.1 is useless to me, so I tried to find a quick-fix, but failed.

Later on the lonely speaker died – leaving me without audio. Headset to the rescue, but I don’t like having to be in my chair to listen to music or talking via Skype.

The issue was in the cable. The green 3,5 mm plug did give me audio sometimes, problem was that I had to fiddle around with it constantly in order to get some bad audio. Solution? Repair.

How to repair your speakers is easy and doesn’t require that much skill. All you need, basicly, is a knife. My 5.1 system have 3 plugs, each with their own cable, so by exchanging the green for the black I thought I would get it to work since all 3,5 mm is identical. Here’s how you do it: cut off the green cable at the middle (after the broken area) and do the same with the black cable. Inside you got 2 wires, one red and one green or black. Connect red to red and then the two remaining.

There was, however, a bunch of small copper wires running within the cable, but not being inside the smaller wires. These make up the bass, making my sub woofer come to life. I thought they were the ground or such at first, but turns out it’s not.

Just braggin’ about me not having to buy a new pair of speakers. Feel free to mail me if you’re going to try this yourself and need something more in-depth.

How to install Windows 3.11!

Lately I’ve been kickin’ some really sweet games, such as COD: Black Ops. There is this easter egg (hold spacebar in menu) that allows you to have fun with a terminal in your cell. “cd /bin” and run doa (Dead Ops Arcade) – sweet hours of hidden fun. Anyway, I tried this game called Zork, and it really got me hooked. Zork is a text-based adventure game where (as far as I understand) you collect treasures to win. But why play Zork in Black Ops when I could do it in DOS?

Windows 3.11

So first off I downloaded Oracle’s VM  VirtualBox (which is free, so go for it!). After that I got hold of some old MS-DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.11 floppies and converted them into virtual image files. If you got a real floppy reader this might not be an issue, but I’d rather use virtual disks over unreliable floppies.

Create a new unit in VirtualBox, use Windows 3.1 as the OS. Recommended settings work, but I forced the hard disk to 180mb. Don’t give it too much HDD or RAM since it’s oldschool code that doesn’t know how to use it. Mount a virtual floppy (DOS disk 1) and boot. For me the DOS didn’t work, so I ran a boot disk from bootdisk from (there is one called which formatted the HDD. “fdisk” is the utility used, so type that and the rest will be simple.

Then DOS installed fine. Reboot to be sure. Insert 3.11 disk 1 and reboot. Again, this didn’t work for me. My solution was to insert the disk and do “dir A:” (listing all files on the floppy) and then typing A:\setup.exe (I think that was the name) to perform the actual setup. When it’s done simply boot and type “win” to enter Windows 3.11, or skip it to stay in DOS.

Next I google’d to get some neat games DosGamesArchive got a nice list! I used WinImage to create new floppy images with the files I wanted to transfer, mounted them, and used File Manager (in Windows 3.11) to move them. Works like a charm!

Feel free to mail me if something doesn’t work. Oh, for the record, I’m using Windows 7 x64.