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    MultiNet Semesterlistan Persistent Cross-Site Scripting

    Semesterlistan (en. AbsenceList) allows users to add a note to their absence periods, but does not properly sanitise this field in the main calendar view. This allows an authenticated low-privilege user to inject arbitrary JavaScript to affect all users (including managers able to approve absence) when they open the application. Continue Reading →
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    Jekyll or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Cloud

    The cloud is just someone else’s computer. And sometimes that’s a good thing. Want to know how I moved this blag to the cloud?

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  •  Technology, Me, English

    Migrating from Binero

    It’s really the end of an era. A bit useless calling it an era, but it’s over nonetheless. I’m moving from Binero.

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  •  Technology, Me, English

    Migrating my Website and Blog

    I’ve been running WordPress for a bit more than thirteen years now, and for eleven years I’ve hosted everything on Binero. Though now it’s time to move on.

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  •  Jekyll

    Welcome to Jekyll!

    You’ll find this post in your _posts directory. Go ahead and edit it and re-build the site to see your changes. You can rebuild the site in many different ways, but the most common way is to run jekyll serve, which launches a web server and auto-regenerates your site when a file is updated.

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