Today I'd like to share a few of my most used, and loved, applications for Apple's iPhone. I don't know about you, but I always have a hard time finding the best App's out there.

#1. Facebook
This app is awesome. If you use facebook, this is a must-have. Newest versions support tilting and shakeing as valid inputs. A simple way to stay updated in real-time.

#2. Peggle
Developed by PopCap, this game is one of my all-time favourites. At $2 (15 SEK) it's really worth the cash, bringing you hours of endless fun (and frustration). I remember how I used to play it on my old cell all the time, and buying it for my iPhone was an obvious choice. Expect 4h+ playtime.

#3. BBCreader
BBC-world-news-reader. It's slightly slow at loading new news, but works like a charm. Downside is that when you want to read a story, it'll bring you to their website. Simply double tap the articles text, and it'll zoom in for easy reading. One of my favourites since I hate ordinary paper-printed news. And you'll save som trees.

#4. Antrim Escape
A really neat escape-game. If you don't know about this genre, google and play Crimson room and such. It accepts tilring, shakeing and so on, which make it a pretty dynamic game. I'm figuring I should write a walkthrough to this game soon, for those who easily get stuck. This is the type of game you'd like to play if you love puzzles. Not action.

#5. Skånetrafiken
This app doesn't apply to you who live outside of Sweden. Or Skåne (south of Sweden). It gives youthe ability to search through Skånetrafikens timetable, giving you up-to-date traffic information. Remembering train and bus-timetables is no longer a problem. One of the most used apps!

That's it for now. If you know any other awesome app's, just leave a comment :)