Free spotify invites

Hey readers. Today, I’m giving away a few of my Spotify invites to you. Don’t know what Spotify is? Go to and check out the greatest on-demand ‘radio’. Or you can, like me, pay 10€ to get it without adverts.

Invitation Code #1: eYFbkcKZ9dgqz5s9
Invitation Code #2: fFAX4UM7JFhbTA8T
Invitation Code #3: bSaHR2HF8y5e2wPH
Invitation Code #4: aaZ9EfZ6LwkSPkKg

Update; got a few more codes here!

1# cmUsAzC3KEq8wex7
2# e96Wsd4TbN5yKDZ9
3# dJW8CdB8CfhZYVda
4# c3YEzkyTft29662E
5# bNyVqAhJbBZctFu2
6# dy8tL5z4ecmzAZsK


Update: Wow, that was quick. I’ll throw out a few more when I get more. Spread the music!

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