This night I made a few site-wide modifications, not that it's super-important, but I want to share them with you all.

Fist I used .htaccess to rewrite incoming links with http://www to http://, in order to get one set of content. As far as I can understand, crawlers/bots see and as two different sites. One problem I have with my current solution is the rewrite stops if Apache can find another .htaccess further down the path. In other words, my mod_rewrite in /folder1 doesn't work in /folder1/folde2 if there is a .htaccess in folder2. I solved this by creating a similar rule to remove the WWW in those folders that I have .htaccess in.

I also have static links for my archive and my up-and-coming gallery (source will be released later on, as promised), but I think I've mentioned that before.

I'm sorry if my tinkering caused any problems (like a wrong redirect or a loop) during the implementation, but it's done now, and won't cause any more instability.