Want to automate desktop organizing?

Have you ever saved a file from the net to your desktop? Have you ever let that file stay there? Have this behavior cluttered your desktop?

Many users, me included, love saving files to the desktop. When we download something we want access to it NOW! Why navigate into a folder when we can find it right there, in front of us? The flip side is of course that one needs to clean the desktop.

Because of this issue - I hate cleaning - I created a little BAT-script that does this for me. Most of the files downloaded are temporary files such as cute and hilarious LoLCats or work/school instructions. They're not worth organizing into my archive (my very big library of important files and things such as vacation photos), but if I delete them I'm sure I'll need them again. If you throw a pen away you can bet you need one tomorrow.

The script takes the entire desktop folder and moves it into a desktop archive sorted by date. Very simple but very versatile. At the moment I have 50 folders and they occupy some 900Mb of disk space. I could at any time delete one or more folders to save space, but then again I have 800Gb free. I'm using the script to store useless files in case I ever need them again.

In order to save space, you should bring up your desktop archive folder and search for everything (enter * as the search term) and sort by size. Perhaps an install package of 2Gb was archived, so make sure to clean out any obvious disk waste. I usually delete any software and videos.

I've configured my script to run on every boot in Task Manager. Effectively the script cleans my desktop once or sometimes twice per day because I usually only boot once per day.