Do you recognize that line? No? Go visit Tennpenny Tower!

I've been playing a lot of Fallout 3 lately. It's a really great game! I got to say, the DLC's are amazing. Although it does ruin a bit of the fun when you have an indestructible power armor and alien top-notch energy weapons. Or perhaps I broke the game?

Last week I visited my girlfriend at her summer house by the sea. Awesomely nice place! I tried to get a nice tan going but as it turns out I was immune to the sun's power.

Coding for Smygfjä is coming along nicely. Smygfjä - for you who don't know - is an immature web dev. project I'm working on. You'll be able to submit names and descriptions of various types of farts. I bought the domain as it was on sale, with IDN-domains being new and all.

Yesterday I started learning how themes for Wordpress are built and configured. While I do not agree with some of it, I must say Wordpress is a powerful platform. When I'm finished with the tutorial I'll move on to creating a new theme for this very blog - Oscar's Blag. Or Oscar's blog if you must be precise.

Blag is a nice word.

I have Fallout 3-radio music playing in my head. That soundtrack is amazing.