Steam Sale. Yet another Steam sale... and my library got larger. Again.

If you want to get a great - but yet cheap - game, go check Dungeons of Dredmor out! It's a low-res RPG with a sense of humor!


Totally worth the money, although the gameplay might get a bit old after a few hours. On the up side, each new level features new terrain and mobs. Action is turn-based which makes this game a very casual one. Run along or take it easy - you're the boss. Music is awesome. Graphics is awesome. Humor is awesome.

By default you can't load your save if you die, although you can uncheck that option at start. Hardcore mode gives the game more replayability in the sense that you'll be playing the start over and over until you understand how the game works. Some things kill you, some things don't. Discover it yourself!

Also, play the tutorial. It's a must!