It's fun getting to know how things work, and configuring them to work as you want them to. Today, I wrote a to do list of all the things I wanted to fix, and proceeded with checking them of one by one.

I recently bought a new laptop. New computers mean installing software, removing software (so much bundled crap...) and tweaking. There's still a lot to do, such as syncing files and organizing backups.

I use Irssi as my IRC client (runs on a server) and finally configured it to auto run my scripts and join my servers and channels. It's not hard to do that manually, as the server rarely goes down for maintenance. Still, if you can automate it... you should. There's a whole bunch of Irssi scripts you can utilize. If you don't know where to start, check this post (link dead) out. The author covers a lot of good scripts.

Some SSH stuff. Changing keys, moving configs, learning how to tunnel traffic. I found a great and simple guide on how to create a ssh tunnel.

My router has been running DD-WRT for about two weeks now. Did some poking around in there as well.