Storage isn’t that much of a problem anymore, since storage capacity is cheap. But, then again, the files we store are a lot bigger today. And how are you supposed to find what files are hogging your storage space?

For finding a stray file, searching for an asterisk (“*”) and then sorting by size does the trick. No need for fancy software. But sometimes your need a little bit more power.

WinDirStat will, after analyzing your hard drive(s) give you some really useful information. Primarily, you will see a graphical representation of your space, allowing you to find large files in an instant. It will also allow you to see the size of any directory (which is the sum of its content).

You can see how much space every file type allocates. So you’ll be able to notice large amounts of small files as well. Go check WinDirStat out! (

There’s a Linux variant available as well.