Move a VirtualBox Virtual Disk

It’s actually embarrassingly easy, really.

Go to File > Virtual Media Manager and select the disk you want to move. Make sure the machine using it is offline, and press Release. This will disassociate the disk form the machine. Then chose Remove and opt to keep the disk image. That’s important, because otherwise you’ll lose your data!

Proceed and move the disk file to the new location.

Open settings for the virtual machine using the disk, go to Storage, select Controller: SATA and tap the Add button below the list and chose Hard Disk. Opt to pick an existing disk and find yours using the file browser.


VirtualBox doesn’t allow you to import disks already mounted or already tracked by the platform. Every disk has a unique ID which identifies it, which means that simply copying and trying to attach the copy won’t work at all.

How to import the OWASP Broken Web Applications virtual machine in VirtualBox

Step 1

Download the OWASP BWA files:

Step 2

Create a folder and extract all files there. Probably a good idea to put the folder right next to your other virtual machines, if you have any. This folder shouldn’t move around.

Step 3

Open VirtualBox and create a new machine named OWASP BWA (or whatever) as Linux/Ubuntu. Set RAM to something appropriate (I’m using 2Gb because I can).

Use existing hard drive, select the files you just extracted.

Step 4



You might want to fiddle around with various settings, like bridging the network interface etc. It’s not recommended to allow anyone since OWASP BWA contains multiple security holes, though.

Recovering a WinRAR Archive Password

Passwords are great, and most of the time it’s safe to forget one of them. If you forget your password to some online service, you’re (almost always) able to restore it via some web interface. If you forget your Windows password (not including Windows 8, perhaps?) you’re able to alter or wipe it using some live system running off a CD or USB-thumbdrive.

Forgetting an encryption password is a bit worse, since the entire point of encryption is to make the information unreadable unless you have the right key. Some systems have recovery measues in place, but far from all. So if you forget the password to your RAR archive, what can you do?

Some of the compression archive formats support password protection (which is encryption), but this only covers how to recover WinRAR passwords.

And recovering is a nice word for cracking. And no, you’re not allowed to crack other people’s archives.

Step 1: Download cRARk

You’re able to get the software from for free. There are both Windows and Linux versions available, as well as with and without GPU support. While I havn’t had the pleasure of testing the GPU versions, generally utilizing the GPU makes the entire process a lot faster.

Step 2: Extract

Extract the archive. I’ll leave this to you. I reckon you must already be able to handle RAR files, since you are recovering the password for one =).

Step 3: Run

Open a terminal (or cmd.exe, if you are on Windows) and navigate to the folder where you extracted the archive. In Windows, you can hold Shift and right click – and then click “open command window here”.

On Linux using the non-GPU version, you can type:

./crark-hp -g15 -ptest.def myarch.rar

The first part is the binary (program) used. “./” indicates that we want to run the program named crark-hp in our current folder. You can try to use crark as well, but it failed to detect RAR version for my test archive.

“-g” defines the maximum character limit that the program will search through. “-g15” sets this limit to 15. You can use the “-l” flag to set the minimum limit. Note that no parameters have space between the flag and the value.

“-p” sets the password definition file. The standard is default.def, which you will have to create yourself. Specify it to make sure what rules you are running. More about this later on.

“myarch.rar” specifies the RAR file to use.

Step 4: Done (or not?)

cRARk will notify you when it has either found your password or exhausted the key space (searched everything and found nothing).

About password definition files

The password definition files basicly define what passwords should be used. We are performing a brute force attack, but can specify what set of characters to use. cRARk comes with good documentation on how to write this file, and what can be used to efficiently recover passwords. You can find the chapter on the definitions here.

An example would be (haven’t tested this one, beware typos):

$a = [abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz]
$a *

Or look at the sample english.def.


How to Fix Windows 7 Not Detecting Any Wireless Networks.

A few weeks ago my laptop running Windows 7 failed to detect any wireless networks after waking up from sleep. After a couple of reboots it suddenly worked until the next power or sleep cycle. Rebooting and hoping for the best wasn’t a viable option…

So how do you fix Windows not finding any wireless networks?


As it turns out, reinstalling the driver works (or at the very least it works for me every time). There might be an issue between the system and the driver.

Step 1: Open device manager (bring up the start menu (press the Win-key) and type device manager, open it) and expand the tree containing network devices. Right click on your wireless card and select uninstall.

wifi2Make sure not to delete the actual driver, because that will prohibit Windows from reinstalling the driver later on.

Step 2: Right click on Network Adapters and select Scan for Hardware Changes. Well, you can pretty much right click anywhere and select that option.

Step 3: Done! Your computer should now detect wireless networks like it should Connect to your wireless network! You might have to enter your wireless key again – I have to re-enter it every single time I do this procedure.


Hope that works for you!

Antrim Escape 3 Walkthrough

If you have a solution to a puzzle, please drop a comment with it below.

This Antrim Escape 3 Walkthrough is meant to help you if you get stuck and are unable to complete a puzzle. Feel free to drop a comment if you’re still stuck after reading, or if you have something to contribute!

Chapter 1:

You are located in “Ethels Room”. Start by picking up everything you can and solve as much as you can by yourself. There are two main things to do here: aquire a stethoscope and a black tile with a red circle. Both are used to open the door.

Clock puzzle:

Use a key and unlock the clock. You can stop it by inserting the chisel and the screwdriver into the cogs. Start by setting it to 7:xx and then adjust the minutes until it unlocks (05,15,25,35…). Pick up the stethoscope metal end piece and take the screwdriver. Feel free to steal one of the cogs using the screwdriver.

Quad-clock puzzle (better name perhaps?):
Place the wooden stool under medusa and tap the cog above her to get up there. You’ll find four clocks, all of which will stop if you tap one of them. They will open the hatch if you stop them in the right position. For me, this was to stop them when they all pointed left. Quickly tapping will make the faster clocks move ahead while the slower ones stay put.

The small stones are located:

Eye of rocking horse, on the front of bed, behind the pink pearls, on the blue shoe, on the green bag, on the plate with cookies.
Place them in the same order as the mask indicates and you’ll get the stethoscope (with no metal end piece).

The black tiles are located:
1 Pink dress (move the yellow and purple dress and then shift the angle back to bed and you´ll see it)
2 Periodic system – bottom right
3 In the wine rack
4 By the sofa – right side on the floor
5 Clock – bottom right
6 Bottom drawer (you’ll find the key by the candle right of the periodic system)
7 In the periodic system (write N. IReLaNd as the map indicates)
8 Top left over the sofa after you´ve put in the gear
9 Over medusas head (first, use the table to reach the symbol over her head, then make all the clocks stop at the same time as your clock (mine said 19.40) get the key, get the grill from the basket, put on top of the table and over the clocks over medusas head you´ll find the last tile

Black tile puzzle:

Place them as the image suggests. You will now have a 3×3 field of circles, where a few might be green. You want to light up all the circles to the right and left. I solved this by pressing the middle circle until the second lit one was below the middle one. I didn’t press any diagonal circles. Try pressing the circles above, below, left or right of the middle piece. If they are all lit up, press the middle one.
Pick up the black tile with the red circle.

Open the door:
(You first need to insert the black tile with a red circle on it)
Combine the stethoscope with the metal end-piece and equip it. Cycle through the combinations one at a time until it says “CLICK!” instead of “Click”. The door will open. Kinda.

Chapter 2:

You now have control over Ryan and Emma. Your goal is to open the door (for real this time!). Please disregard the two open doors from Antrim Escape 2, you can’t go back from where you came from.

Open the hatch:

Facing the fountain from Antrim Escape 2 (bookshelf), tap the rectangle above the three paintings to get closer. You see that hole? Good. Go back to Ethel and give the rope to Ryan by selecting it and tapping on the “window” in the door. When Ryan has it, select it and press the hole. Go back. Facing the piano, tap the rope (“Ryan is holding the rope”) and tap the door’s window.
Swap to Ethel and fasten the rope in the very left cog. Insert the screwdriver into the slot below and tap it to start.

Open the snake cage:

Note the number on each circle (color is not important) – write this down. Tap the table by the coach and cross-reference the number sequence with the poker chips. For example, if the first circle has 3-6-1-2-… and a red poker chip has three dots – six dots – one dot – two dots…. then that circle should be red. Change color by turning the outer wheel. Cage will unlock upon right combination.

Open the door (for real!):
Insert the black tile into the door and it will open.

Chapter 3:

Get code for the blue snake:
In Ethels room, place the medusa paper over the calendar and the other paper. This will create a few holes. Pick it up and place it on the piano (right page) and note the result. The holes are circles and the arrows indicate direction. Go back to the movable arrows above the medusa head and enter this combination. Tilting your phone might help. You will get a blue code, which unlocks the socket for the blue snake.

Green snake:
Place the fireplace grill to get higher up (above where you got the blue code) and look at the combinations. The three pieces of the circle represent inner wheel (small piece), middle (medium size) and outer wheel (large piece). Do the math and figure out what each piece has as a numerical value.

Tap the yellow snake so it faces the medusa (use the map if in doubt) and pick up the green snake. Place the blue snake in the blue socket and place the green one in the green socket. Make the blue snake face medusa. Then adjust the green snake until she wakes up. Insert the two gems. Use the piece of the mirror on her (which you get from the mirror in Ethels room, tap the broken part). When she cracks, pick her and the gems up.

Move the sova (Cog puzzle):

You can find a cog within the clock, medusa can be used as a cog and Ryans belt is the last one (go to the mirror in Ethels room and tap ryans belt). Tap the screwdriver to start it and watch the sofa move.

Getting light in the tunnel (prism+h2o):
Place the fire grill and the bucket inside the fireplace in the living room to s tart with. Enter Pr-I-Sm in the machine by the bed to get a prism. Enter H-H-O (H x2, O) to get the water crystal. Drop them both in the bucket to get a light prism. Just below the runnel you have black triangles, insert it into the free one.

Chapter 4:

Your goal is to “open” Pandoras box (located on the desk) in order to travel home. To do so, you need to obtain a few items. More puzzles! Yay!

The purple gem can be found on top of the lamp (the one on the desk).
The orange gem is a bit harder to get. Pick up the scary stone from the bookshelf (left side) and place it next to the stone outside in the snow. This will make them both move to the right and reveal a hole. Tap to zoom in and pick up the scary stone again. That’s the gem down there! Use the glass from the desk on one of the snowmen outside to pick him up, and place him under the golden mask inside the room (the plate with the 4 candles). This will give you a glass of water. Tap the golden mask above and solve the puzzle by refering to the flowers petals in the painting (or just tap randomly) and it will drop a stick. Tap the plate below and pick it up. Go outside and place the stick it in the hole you found earlier, then pour the water, pick it up, and place it on the plate to thaw.

Terraria Walkthrough

Terraria is a great game, but sometimes it can be a bit tricky knowing what to do. In this Terraria Walkthrough I’ll guide you through the game one step at a time. If you have any questions after the walkthrough, just drop a comment!

1. The early days…

You spawn in the center of the map, which is your “world”. The size will vary depending on what size you chose at map generation, but in any case, you are in the middle.

The first thing you should do is collect wood. Punch some trees (hehe, Minecraft joke)! Wood is the basic resource and it’s needed throughout the game, so make sure you get lots of it. In contrast to Minecraft (Terraria has been said to be a 2D-Minecraft, which is only half-true) mobs will come at you right away, trying to hinder you from chopping down those sweet trees. Do not fear, however, you should avoid getting hurt by facing the mob while chopping. It’ll walk into your axe and get knocked back, keeping you safe.

Next up – shelter. In order for a structure to be considered a home it needs a few things, 4 things actually: foreground walls floor and roof, background walls, light and a door. If you want an NPC to consider it a house, you will also need a table and a chair.

2. Heads up, Combat time!

The first thing you should learn is how to pay attention. Slime jump two short jumps and one long jump – it’s a pattern. Make sure to keep that in mind while venturing into the unexplored. At night, it might come in handy knowing how the flying eyes navigate. Or how the zombies tend to come straight for you.

Combat is the never-ending heart of Terraria. There will always be an enemy close nearby, and you will need to reserve 2-4 slots for weapons. Knowing how to fight is golden, so heads up!

3. Map Layout

Your spawnpoint will be located in the middle. In one end there will be a house with an old man (do not talk to him, he will turn into skeletron and whoop your butt), and in the other end there will be nothing (except somewhere there will be an underground jungle here).

The first level is ground-level, logically enough. Here you will encounter daemon eyes, zombies, slimes and a few other mobs. There’s floating islands in the sky, if you didn’t know.

The second level is the dirt-level. Basically everything below ground that has a brownish background is dirt-layer. Mobs include slimes, worms and whatever might drop down through the tunnels.

The third level is called the stone-layer, with good reason. It’s defined by a grayish background and a lot of stone will be found here. Skeletons will be found here (or they will find you!), as well as mother slimes, slimes, worms and whatever that have followed you down there.

The fourth level is not one you mess around with, nor is it what you might expect – it’s the underworld. Here huge bone serpents will try to impale you while fire-shooting and teleport-able imps hurls fireballs towards you. Strap yourself in, a knockback might push you into a lake of lava.

4. Items and crafting

There are multiple resources in Terraria, and most of them make what I choose to call Gear. Gear can be divided into different tiers, wood being the basic one. Copper is better than wood, and metal is better than copper. Then we got silver, gold, demonite, meteroite, hellstone. Bone and cobalt should be in that list somewhere as well.

By gear I refer to a full set of armor together with a pickaxe, axe, hammer and sword. Except making gear, minerals and resources can also be used in combination with others in order to craft special items such as candles, storage boxes, depth meters and watches.

Basic crafting does not require anything special, but more advanced crafting needs a workbench. Iron anvil and a furnace will also be needed for some items. An alchemy station (placed bottle) is required in order to make potions. Table is needed in order to make a watch. Hellforge (can be used down in the underworld or brought back up by destroying and picking it up) is needed to construct hellstone bars.

5. NPC’s and economics

When the world meets certain criteria, an NPC will arrive and move into a player-built house – this is the reason why building is so important. The most basic NPC is the merchant, which will arrive when a player has 50 or more silver. Other NPC’s include Dryad (slay boss), Demolition Expert (acquire a bomb), Arms Dealer (acquire a firearm) and Medic (have enough expanded health).

One item you want to purchase from the merchant is the mining helmet. It allows you to mine freely and not worry about light. If this is not your first world, then you might want to get the piggy bank first. The piggy bank is like the stash in Diablo 2 – it’s a storage box that remains the same for a character between worlds. Additional features include awesome appearance and theft-protection.

Gold farming is easy since the last patch (hold right click to mass-craft). You will get plenty of cash by making bottles because sand is easy to mine. Torches (wood+gel) yields more cash per unit, so if you plenty of it, put it to good use! Another (and better) option is to sell silk, which can be crafted from ten cobwebs. You need cobweb for bone gear and for making a bed out of silk, but if you already have a bed you can make the rest into silk and sell it to the vendor.

Try not to buy things from the NPC’s, save your cash for later (minishark gun for example!).

6. Artifacts

Oh, how we love that loot! There’s a ton of loot in Terraria, so if I’m going to help you out.. I have to tell you about the artifacts and drops. Now, good gear can be crafted, but awesome gear and accessories can only be found. We have a few basic drops, such as the Zombie’s shackle (+1 defense), but they can’t be considered artifacts.

Some semi-good drops can be acquired from monsters, such as the Ball ‘o hurt (ranged weapon), but the best gear is only found in storage boxes. When venturing underground, make sure to look for those boxes! Most of the time you will find standard consumables (torches, potions, arrows), but sometimes you will find good loot. Artifacts such as Cloud in a Bottle (allows double jump) and Hermes Boots (faster movement speed) are highly valued in early- and mid-game.

End-game you should look for the Cobalt Shield, which removes any knockback caused by damage. You should also get some obsidian and craft (yep, this one is craftable) an obsidian skull, since it makes you immune to fire damage from blocks (= can easily mine meteroite).

7. Bosses

Alright, we’re almost done with the Terraria Walkthrough! So, what about those bosses? There are three bosses at the moment: Skeletron, Eater of Worlds and the bigass eye, which name I have forgotten.

The first one can be found at the edge of the map, as mentioned before. Talk to the old man at night and you will (hopefully) prevail and can enter the dungeon safely. The worm and the eye must be summoned by either slaying a shadow orb or creating an item that on consumption will summon it.

To craft the “bait” or summon-item you will need to find a daemon altar, which can usually be found at the bottom of those deep holes in the corrupted zone. They can sometimes be found outside or near a corrupted zone, but your best bet is to jump down that hole and look for one there. Use a grappling hook to get up if you didn’t hit jackpot. Do not hit the altars with a hammer – they will remove half of your current HP.

To summon the eye, you need 10 lenses, which are dropped by the small annoying eyes. Go farm! The worm needs some rotten meat (go slay some eater of souls!) and some vile powder (mushrooms found in a corrupted zone crafts this, use an alchemy station). The eye can only be summoned at night, and the worm can only be summoned within a corrupted zone.

8. Additional hints

Some additional stuff for this Terraria Walkthrough… uhm. Shadow orbs are found at the bottom of corrupted holes, you need a demonite pickaxe or better to mine the stone down there. Smash the orb with a hammer, and be prepared to see what happens. They’ll drop good stuff, they can trigger a meteor (=meteroite to make gear out of)… but they can also summon a boss – so be prepared.

Hellstone is found in the underworld, which is far far far down. Make a tunnel going straight down if you need to farm it – it’s worth the construction time. Me and my good friend Daniel made a tunnel and we saved a ton of time in the end! You should of course not make it all the way down, no, stop at the end of the stone layer to make sure imps won’t spawn where you drop down. Your tunnel can be used to move large amounts of water down underground, and you can lead it to a lava source in order to make obsidian.

9. Contribute

Do you have anything to contribute? I bet you have an opinion of your own regarding the game and how things should be done – why not share it? Same goes for any questions you might have!
Thanks for reading!

How to solve a Portal Test Chamber

Portal 2 (and of course the original Portal 1) is a great game, no doubt about it! But what do you do when you’re stuck, and how do you quickly solve a test chamber? How do you survive on those hard challenge maps? How do you beat custom Portal 2 maps (and Portal 1 maps)?

Think outside the box!

Or inside. What do you have inside your cube? You need to figure out what you have at your disposal. You also need to locate the exit, or what you think is the exit. A clear goal will boost the time it takes to solve the puzzle presented in the test chamber, and it will give you the opportunity to plan carefully.

If you are stuck, or want a no-brainer solution – read this: take it one step at a time! If you don’t know where to go or what to do, just do what seems obvious. You see a cube – go get it. When you get up there you might see what it’s for.


There are a few examples of this in Portal 1, but many more in Portal 2. You need to preserve what you’ve already got. If you have a lens, try hitting two targets with it instead of one. Try to use the same portal multiple times. This is where I failed during my play of Portal 2!

Go with the flow

If you have no clue, just follow the map layout. Test chambers in Portal will often present a challenge, but it will also give you some kind of path to follow. Go get the obvious objects or press the buttons – the path will UNRAVEL what you should to. Sometimes this is required, sometimes this is a no-brainer solution. As mentioned above.

Look for details

It’s all in the details, baby! Platforms turned 45 degrees indicates a jump, and platforms down below indicates a need for speed. This is unfortunate since it actually gives away the solution in many cases, but will help you solve a Portal test chamber. I don’t recall a single detail or object that was not used, or could not be used.

Stop thinking with portals

This is ironic since you need to think with them anyway. Point is – try to use other elements, don’t have the mindset of “portals are my main solution”. Portal excursion funnels, gel and light bridges will help you a lot. Don’t neglect these important inventions. If all you have is a hammer, everything will look like a nail. You will go mad when you find not portal-friendly surfaces :P.

As a final note (*I’m making a note here*…) YouTube has a ton of videos on Portal 1, and I reckon they’ll have a ton on Portal 2 soon as well. Not that you’ll need them to complete the standard game, though.

Antrim Escape Hjälp

Antrim Escape

Antrim Escape

Har du köpt utbrytarspelet Antrim Escape och behöver hjälp? Sitter du fast? Ledtrådar för Antrim Escape kan vara skillnaden mellan att tycka om spelet (lite hjälp på traven) och att innerligt hata det (frustration av att sitta fast). Fruka icke! Jag har skrivit ett par genomgångar för Antrim Escape (dock på engelska), som du kan hitta här:

Genomgångar och ledtrådar för:
Antrim Escape 1
Antrim Escape 1 Hemlig Utgång
Antrim Escape 2
Antrim Escape 2 Hemlig Utgång

Det finns en inbyggd tipsbok som kan vara till hjälp, men det är inte alltid den är det. Som nämnt är guiderna på engelska och du kan använda Google Translate om du har problem.

Har du frågor och behöver hjälp kan du slå iväg en kommentar!