Today, my Spotify Premium expired. Much like a WoW-prepaid, it lasts for a month. You miss it the most when it's gone.
However, unlike WoW, I can still use Spotify - but I'll have to listen to commercials every now and then. It's really a great application, and if you havn't tried it yet - you should.

Spotify is the largest on-demand music library. Either you pay 99SEK ($13?) per month to get 320kbps streamed to your computer and cellphone, or you suffer through the occational commercials and get it for free to your computer.

I'm not going to buy another subscription, and here's why (Read More):

The Downsides of Spotify:
1. It's missing a lot of tracks. Surely it's impossible for any company to get the rights to use every piece of audio ever created, but some mainstream tracks are missing. Like, Metallica. and underground not-so-well-known electronica artists *sadfejs*.
2. The inability to play your own music. I got 800GiB of music (well, I did until I erazed it... damn 4TiB of storage... thought I had a backup...) but I can't use it with Spotify. Sure, iTunes a great software, but it's a pain in the ass to switch between iTunes and Spotify all the time. How hard could it be to make a library-feature?
3. Personal Sync-problems, such as failure to sync playlists between machines. This is a big screwup on their end. I can log into my account at my friends' place, and play music - but not use my own playlists. Why? I have no idea. If you can stream 320kbps, then why is it so hard to download >100kb of metainfo?

... And the Upsides:
1. Fast. For me, a track loads faster than iTunes (and that's on my disk?!).
2. Huge music library, containing close to all songs out there. Even more than I can find on some trackers.
3. Free. Yeah, commercials, but c'mon! It's like radio on-demand!
4.Built-in cache. Spotify stores some songs on your computer in order to quickly load them (and reduce bandwidth usage). However, you need to be online to listen to them, if you don't have a subscription.

I got a number of invites on my account. No use to me, sadly. Want one? Just post a comment and I'll see what I can do.