Antrim Escape Walkthrough – Alternative Escape

Antrim Escape

Hello escapers!

I’m sorry for not giving you the FIRST and BEST walkthrough on this update, but I had some glitches because of my beta-testing and translating for Game Hive (that’s right, it’s going to be released in Swedish in the future).

Anyhow, for you still stuck and have no idea what to do in order to “beat” this last puzzle, I found a link to a walkthough. You’ll find it at the end of this post.

If you want to try it yourself, want a few hints and nothing more or are afraid of clicking on strange links … here’s my way:

1. You need two keys in order to open the standard door.

2. One of them is found in the compass (not that hard to spot to be honest, it’s just a bit dark though).

3. The other one is found in the clock. Use the pendulum. Hint: The cat’s (@bookshelf) eye-movements represent a code.

4. Do not progress to far into the old escape-route, the candle WILL burn out. You need it to read the text once you get past the door. Hint: Turn upsidedown and learn to read 1337.

5. Middle cabinet has a purpose, and the music box is an item to reuse.

Comment if you need any help. Cheers (or just follow the link, w/e).

As promiced:

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  1. I’m in the same place. Been stuck at the end AE3 two days now. Can’t figure it out. Have the “wooden bird tail key” all of the hints are unlocked. Glitch?

  2. How do you open pandora’s box?!!! I don’t know
    If the game is frozen or what..but the marbles placed themselves
    And I have completed the bird puzzle and have the
    Key but where does it go???

  3. I have found the code on the door in the secret room, but the box in the locker will not show. What am i doing wrong?

  4. It seems I have to open the globe, but I cant figure out how!! Could anyone help Plz?

  5. Im totaly lost, cuz i see no fucking compass and i did that clock code thing, but that did nothing whatsoever so yea im fucking done with this game

  6. Where’s v diary 2 get other coin pls and where is sword or screw driver? I’m really stuck, pls someone come 2 my rescue? Really appreciated xx Hobo

  7. Hello i cant read the code in the compuss to open the combination lock, what is the number?? X

  8. Hi could you please explain me how i open the compass? I know the code is NEWS.

  9. I couldn’t locate the drawer after entering the code at the music box the sexing time? Which drawer? All are open

  10. The cat is facing the opposite direction from the clock; so you have to do the order in the opposite order. When the cat does the creepy no-eye look, the order is finished. When it says the clock makes a strange noise, look where you got that key from the bird in the clock. The key opens that main door.


  11. Ok I have the gem from the map but where is the other one and the clock thing with the cat eyes isn’t working is there like a special trick to it?