A gift from above!

Wacom Bamboo Pen TouchToday I finaly got my delivery from UPS – a Wacom Bamboo Pen&Touch! Thanks goes to Game Hive Games @ http://gamehivegames.com/. If you got one of those neat iPhones, go check out their game “Antrim Escape”. I got a walkthrough laying around here if you get stuck.

I’ve wanted a tablet PC for some time now, mostly because of the writing/drawing capabilities. As far as I’ve been able to figure out, this gadget is the shit! Still got to get the photoshop to recognize the pens applied pressure. Tried to draw a version of pikachu a few moments ago, didn’t turn out too well. Seems like I got some work to do when it comes to pure drawing.

Although it’s a nice tool when it comes to editing photos as well. Perhaps not the designated area of usage, but still, a good tool.

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  1. Hey Chris,
    I did some google’ing and found a tutorial for it, similar to your suggestion. Works great.
    Well, in my exp. tablets have poor “resolution” when it comes to using the pen. So besides the pressure, you’ll have a hard time drawing a smooth curve. But perhaps that’s fixed now in newer releases.
    I’ve seen a few that can handle pressure however, played with one at Dreamhack winter 2009. Don’t know if it was the model you mentioned though.

  2. And as far as tablet PC goes, one thing they don’t do is pressure sensitivity, which is core to drawing.

    Unless you mean the Wacom Cintiq when you said tablet PC.

  3. Hi,

    I have used one of these. It’s does the job for photo editing as well as drawing/painting!!

    As for how to get Photoshop to recognize pen pressure, select the BRUSH tool (B), and open the Brushes Window (F5). Then in that window, check the “Shape Dynamics” box and in there, select “Pen Pressure” under the Size Jitter catogery.

    Play around with other checkout in the Brushes windows to achieve other effects with the pen.

    Have fun.