Cheers fellow readers!

During the last three days this blog has had a tremendous amount of unique users, 190.000 and rising! It's mostly thanks to my Antrim Escape walkthrough (search my blog and you'll find it, if you ended up at this page instead of the guide). Thanks to you guys I just might be able to cover my webhost bill :D.

Anyhow if you're reading this you're either a regular reader (Welcome back), or someone who went from the guide to the main page (Welcome^^). I hope you'll like my blog and decide to come visit again. Perhaps I'll give out some more spotify invites or a way to hack your school's systems. Or perhaps just an awesome new guide to an awesome new game you've never ever heard about. Until recent.

I'm updating at least three times a week, starting as of now, and I'm open to suggestions and problem-solving. Just post a comment or email.