Lately I've been keeping myself busy with a couple of things, primarily studies. Other things include, but not limited to - gaming, hanging out with friends, studying some more, browsing the interwebs, getting my server to work, updating a Minecraft server, watching two seasons of My Name Is Earl, getting a new internet modem and starting to re-think my hosting.

Kudos to, but they lack some of the functionality I'd love to have later on down the line. The downside with switching host is that I'd have to pay more money for another provider (since is extremely cheap). On the other side, the upside would be the ability to host and manage multiple domains as well as getting better hardware and therefore speeds. I ran a MySQL query from PHPMyAdmin and it took 3.5 seconds. My home server does it in the fraction of a second.

I'd love to get my hands on some sweet domain names, they're not that expensive and having would be hilarious.

On a not related topic, I got my hair cut yesterday.