.. is something I'd like to do.

I've had quite a few blogs but never more than one at a time though. Often they evolved into each other and I migrated content manually. Now that I have a WordPress blog I can easily modify and re-design it as I please... but should I?

I like my current layout - it's awesome, but I also want to have something new. I'd also like to get a fresh start, since this blog has been around for a while now and I started it when I had little or no idea on how to administrate a CMS (content management system). This blog is also partially based on an old WordPress blog I had on another domain. Time to clean it up with a fresh installation?

Since my home server with a lab environment is set up and working, perhaps I could try out some crazy stuff  there and migrate it here when I'm done. Making sure links stay active is one of the main concerns I have, since I want my content to be easily accessible. If I'm going to do this, you as a user should not notice any difference other than the design.

Suggestions appreciated. Cheers!