Yesterday I finished Portal 2 - what a great game! Sure it wasn't cheap, only took me 7 hours to complete, but then again I haven't played co-op yet. Still, worth every penny. Or cent, depending on what currency you bought your Portal 2 in.

I reckon about 20% of my gameplay was spent getting stuck and trying out bad solutions. Most of the puzzles in Portal 2 only have one solution, and you might have to think outside the box. So to speak. If anyone need help with Portal 2 just throw a comment down below and I'll help when I'm free. I'm sure other readers could help you as well.

The writing, storyline and humor in the game is awesome! GlaDoS being a potato? Hilarious! And no, that is not a spoiler. Or is it? Nah.

Here's a few hints to help you out:

1. Do NOT take GlaDoS escape advice. Seriously. Do not. It's not that she doesn't want to help - she does - it's only that she wants to help you kill yourself. Keep away.
2. Do use the portal excursion funnels (or whatever they're called - the bluish force-fields)! This was hard for me since I was thinking with portals and not with ... portal excursion funnels. Would have been awesome to get some more help with those in Portal 2.
3. Remember #2 and use them to gain height, gives you a nice drop.

4. Do not try to create your own path, it will fail. There is one way to get out, and that will be the only way. Every other way will be to no avail in getting you out.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment and I'll help you with Portal 2 when I'm free. Or a reader might know the answer to your Portal 2 help-question.