I'll write this post later on, just gotta make sure I write this on the correct site.

Okay, there we go. I'm sorry about the not-writing-new-stuff thing, and I'm sorry about the possible loss of comments during this DNS transfer.

Basically the DNS (oscarhjelm.com) translates into an IP-adress which a computer uses to load the website. Now, this usually works fine, but when you change your DNS records there will be some confusion. The slowest part is where your ISP updates their DNS cache(s), because if they don't you'd still see my old blog right now.

I had some troubles telling this site from my old one, since they both look exactly alike. Almost. The landing page doesn't have headlines from my blag, because there was no blag here when I set that up. It's was the only difference.

Anyway - everything should be in order now. I have some back-end stuff to do, but it should work as-is.