Today I picked up a new MagSafe 60W and resurrected my good 'ol white MacBook! To my surprise everything worked just fine - it even restored the previous session with windows and documents loaded as I had left them!

A while back (perhaps 6-7 months) my MacBook died. I had almost depleted the battery after using it at a meeting (pen and paper is not good enough for taking notes!) so I had no chance of saving any of the data stored on disc. When I arrived at home and plugged it in to recharge, nothing happened.

I knew at the time that one out of three components could be responsible for this: power adapter, battery or the internal components. Unfortunately for me removing the battery didn't solve the problem as my MacBook wouldn't boot and the MagSafe didn't light up. Down to either the power adapter or some expensive-to-repair internal components.

I found out that an acquaintance of mine had a MacBook of my generation at home and earlier this week I gave him (and his 60W MagSafe) a visit. Turns out it worked just fine, meaning I just needed to get me one of those.

Don't know where I have my Snow Leopard disc, but when it turns up I'll reinstall the entire system. A lot has changed since I last used my loyal MacBook, I need a portable workstation for once. A netbook does not suffice in the sense of workflow.

A big thanks to Apple for shipping rock-solid operating systems with their hardware! My MacBook survived six months of sleep-mode, which is something a regular PC wouldn't handle.