If you have a solution to a puzzle, please drop a comment with it below.

This Antrim Escape 3 Walkthrough is meant to help you if you get stuck and are unable to complete a puzzle. Feel free to drop a comment if you're still stuck after reading, or if you have something to contribute!

Chapter 1:

You are located in "Ethels Room". Start by picking up everything you can and solve as much as you can by yourself. There are two main things to do here: aquire a stethoscope and a black tile with a red circle. Both are used to open the door.

Clock puzzle:

Use a key and unlock the clock. You can stop it by inserting the chisel and the screwdriver into the cogs. Start by setting it to 7:xx and then adjust the minutes until it unlocks (05,15,25,35...). Pick up the stethoscope metal end piece and take the screwdriver. Feel free to steal one of the cogs using the screwdriver.

Quad-clock puzzle (better name perhaps?):
Place the wooden stool under medusa and tap the cog above her to get up there. You'll find four clocks, all of which will stop if you tap one of them. They will open the hatch if you stop them in the right position. For me, this was to stop them when they all pointed left. Quickly tapping will make the faster clocks move ahead while the slower ones stay put.

The small stones are located:

Eye of rocking horse, on the front of bed, behind the pink pearls, on the blue shoe, on the green bag, on the plate with cookies.
Place them in the same order as the mask indicates and you'll get the stethoscope (with no metal end piece).

The black tiles are located:
1 Pink dress (move the yellow and purple dress and then shift the angle back to bed and you´ll see it)
2 Periodic system – bottom right
3 In the wine rack
4 By the sofa – right side on the floor
5 Clock – bottom right
6 Bottom drawer (you'll find the key by the candle right of the periodic system)
7 In the periodic system (write N. IReLaNd as the map indicates)
8 Top left over the sofa after you´ve put in the gear
9 Over medusas head (first, use the table to reach the symbol over her head, then make all the clocks stop at the same time as your clock (mine said 19.40) get the key, get the grill from the basket, put on top of the table and over the clocks over medusas head you´ll find the last tile

Black tile puzzle:

Place them as the image suggests. You will now have a 3x3 field of circles, where a few might be green. You want to light up all the circles to the right and left. I solved this by pressing the middle circle until the second lit one was below the middle one. I didn't press any diagonal circles. Try pressing the circles above, below, left or right of the middle piece. If they are all lit up, press the middle one.
Pick up the black tile with the red circle.

Open the door:
(You first need to insert the black tile with a red circle on it)
Combine the stethoscope with the metal end-piece and equip it. Cycle through the combinations one at a time until it says "CLICK!" instead of "Click". The door will open. Kinda.

Chapter 2:

You now have control over Ryan and Emma. Your goal is to open the door (for real this time!). Please disregard the two open doors from Antrim Escape 2, you can't go back from where you came from.

Open the hatch:

Facing the fountain from Antrim Escape 2 (bookshelf), tap the rectangle above the three paintings to get closer. You see that hole? Good. Go back to Ethel and give the rope to Ryan by selecting it and tapping on the "window" in the door. When Ryan has it, select it and press the hole. Go back. Facing the piano, tap the rope ("Ryan is holding the rope") and tap the door's window.
Swap to Ethel and fasten the rope in the very left cog. Insert the screwdriver into the slot below and tap it to start.

Open the snake cage:

Note the number on each circle (color is not important) - write this down. Tap the table by the coach and cross-reference the number sequence with the poker chips. For example, if the first circle has 3-6-1-2-... and a red poker chip has three dots - six dots - one dot - two dots.... then that circle should be red. Change color by turning the outer wheel. Cage will unlock upon right combination.

Open the door (for real!):
Insert the black tile into the door and it will open.

Chapter 3:

Get code for the blue snake:
In Ethels room, place the medusa paper over the calendar and the other paper. This will create a few holes. Pick it up and place it on the piano (right page) and note the result. The holes are circles and the arrows indicate direction. Go back to the movable arrows above the medusa head and enter this combination. Tilting your phone might help. You will get a blue code, which unlocks the socket for the blue snake.

Green snake:
Place the fireplace grill to get higher up (above where you got the blue code) and look at the combinations. The three pieces of the circle represent inner wheel (small piece), middle (medium size) and outer wheel (large piece). Do the math and figure out what each piece has as a numerical value.

Tap the yellow snake so it faces the medusa (use the map if in doubt) and pick up the green snake. Place the blue snake in the blue socket and place the green one in the green socket. Make the blue snake face medusa. Then adjust the green snake until she wakes up. Insert the two gems. Use the piece of the mirror on her (which you get from the mirror in Ethels room, tap the broken part). When she cracks, pick her and the gems up.

Move the sova (Cog puzzle):

You can find a cog within the clock, medusa can be used as a cog and Ryans belt is the last one (go to the mirror in Ethels room and tap ryans belt). Tap the screwdriver to start it and watch the sofa move.

Getting light in the tunnel (prism+h2o):
Place the fire grill and the bucket inside the fireplace in the living room to s tart with. Enter Pr-I-Sm in the machine by the bed to get a prism. Enter H-H-O (H x2, O) to get the water crystal. Drop them both in the bucket to get a light prism. Just below the runnel you have black triangles, insert it into the free one.

Chapter 4:

Your goal is to "open" Pandoras box (located on the desk) in order to travel home. To do so, you need to obtain a few items. More puzzles! Yay!

The purple gem can be found on top of the lamp (the one on the desk).
The orange gem is a bit harder to get. Pick up the scary stone from the bookshelf (left side) and place it next to the stone outside in the snow. This will make them both move to the right and reveal a hole. Tap to zoom in and pick up the scary stone again. That's the gem down there! Use the glass from the desk on one of the snowmen outside to pick him up, and place him under the golden mask inside the room (the plate with the 4 candles). This will give you a glass of water. Tap the golden mask above and solve the puzzle by refering to the flowers petals in the painting (or just tap randomly) and it will drop a stick. Tap the plate below and pick it up. Go outside and place the stick it in the hole you found earlier, then pour the water, pick it up, and place it on the plate to thaw.