I've fixed a lot of computers to date. Problems ranging between corrupted software to overheated CPUs. Something not working as it should? Try this!

1. Restart the software

Simple enough, just close the program in question and open it again. Works a lot of the time. You should make sure that the process is closed as well (check with Windows Task Manager or such). With devices, try plugging it out and in.

2. Restart the computer

Sometimes Windows or whatever operating system you're using is part of the issue. Restart the entire machine and try again. If it's a rouge device, try booting with it plugged in (or not plugged in if you've tried that). This is the old "have you tried turning it off and on again?".

3. Let the internet help you

Do step number one again, just to be sure. If you're still having troubles, just search for a solution on the internet. Include error code and message, as well as the software's name. If the software has any diagnostic tools, try them out. Windows Network Troubleshooting saved me a bunch of times.

4. Ask for help

Ask someone for help regarding the problem. A lot of people know solutions to simple problems, and there's no need to pay for assistance. Include all the relevant information.

5. Ask consumer support for help

I always try to solve my problem before contacting customer support. Be prepared to stand in line and wait for a solution (if any). Luckily, depending on the issue at hand, they will be able to help you most of the time. Searching the developer's or manufacturer's knowledge database might also be a good idea.

If you've broken the software, then reinstalling it is the obvious solution. Same goes for the operating system. As for hardware - a replacement might be in order.