English Country TuneSo English Country Tune is quite a strange name for a puzzle game, but then again... it is quite of a strange game after all.

This puzzle game consists of multiple 'worlds', where each world is a puzzle game of its own. You are in control of a thin platform, able to move around in a 3D-block-world, but your goal and how the game works depends on the world in question. Perhaps it is to push one or more red balls into a designated area, or push blocks off the map.

I got it as a part of a humble bundle and checked out the Steam key for it. The trailer on Steam gives you a pretty good idea on what you get to play.

This game really caught my attention, and I'm rating it 4/5. I really wasn't expecting something requiring this much thinking.

On the down side, the game doesn't have much of a sound track. Aaaaaand you need to complete an entire world before you unlock another one... so prepare for quite a bit of frustration if you get stuck. YouTube saved me some headache.