mcpixelMS-Paint mixed with some drunken developers? Well, McPixel is your new favorite superhero – saving a pixel world from utter destruction!

In story mode, you have a couple of stages, and every stage consists of multiple sections… each with a set of maps. The goal of every map is to stop it from blowing up into pieces. Simple enough?

Not so. The game will mess with your mind, hence the warning when you fire the game up! Check it out:

mcpixel2The style of McPixel is very entertaining. Everything from the poor MS-paint-style to the humorous puzzle solutions will make you laugh. It’s a game meant to be enjoyed. You’re not forced to play all the levels from A to Z – you can jump freely. There’s never any pressure on you to think and try to come up with solutions. You’re supposed to try some crazy idea and see how it works out, because it’s impossible to guess anyway!

Once you’ve completed a set of levels, you’re able to replay them and try to find all the gags. In story mode, each stage has a locked section which can be unlocked this way.

Anything negative? Well… the soundtrack will bore you to death after a while.

I’m giving McPixel 4/5, because it tries to be a simple and hilarious game – and it succeeds!