Yet another iPhone post. Here I'll be giving you a few 'secret' hints about what functions you might have missed out on. Until today.

1. Easy period/dot. Simply double-tap the space bar on your iPhone. Saves me a lot of time texting and browsing time!

2. Quick browse. Tap the very top (where the clock/battery status is located) and you will almost instantly be at tht top of the current list. A smart way to browse to the top of a conversation, quickly.

3. Undo/redo. Simply shake your phone, and press undo. Much faster than to re-write a whole text if you by accident deleted it.

4. Need to look something up while in a conversation? Simply press the home button and you're done! I'd prefer using speakerphone or a handsfree for this, though. Tap the very top of the screen to get the phone interface back on.

5. As of lately, you are able to do VoIP over 3G and EDGE-networks. So go ahead and get some VoIP-app like Skype or Fring and call for free (if you got unlimited data, that is).