There is this huge LAN-party called DreamHack - and I'm going there. Caffeine, sugar, fast food and sleep deprivation accompanied by endless hours of gaming is annoyingly fun. I'm working on a simple guide on how to survive this kind of LAN (that is, not feeling like shit), and hopefully it'll be up in my archive before thursday.

Most people think that DreamHack is all about playing games, but it's not - it's about eating a buttload of snacks. I'm going there because of the environment, the feeling, the pulse. It's amazing. Well, except the horde of socially-impaired 12 year-olds (seriously, who lets their 12yr old stay up for 3 days straight eating nothing but sugar?!).

I think there should be a real-life achievement for constructing a riot-shield out of Jolt-Cola cans.