An Update

My birthday is tomorow – woho! Awesome.

I’ve been sloppy with updates here (if anyone cares, I’m sorry), due to a number of reasons. First off I’ve been at my friend’s place having a blast. LAN might not be healthy, but they sure are fun.

I’m working on a clean Minecraft texture pack which will give you a nice headache from walking around in a high contrast world with only “pure” colors. It’s just something about the feeling… feels like super-mario or something. Hehe, perhaps I’ll throw in a nice player skin as well.

I’m currently downloading and syncing Antrim Escape 2 . I’m really exited to play the sequel since the first game was awesome. I’m hoping to get more complex puzzles (the first game really had me thinking). Afterwards, I might just write another Antrim Escape 2 Walkthrough. Stay tuned.

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  1. Well first thing HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOPE U HAD A GREAT DAY…………..I just downloaded Antrim Escape 2 cant wait to break my head