My birthday is tomorow - woho! Awesome.

I've been sloppy with updates here (if anyone cares, I'm sorry), due to a number of reasons. First off I've been at my friend's place having a blast. LAN might not be healthy, but they sure are fun.

I'm working on a clean Minecraft texture pack which will give you a nice headache from walking around in a high contrast world with only "pure" colors. It's just something about the feeling... feels like super-mario or something. Hehe, perhaps I'll throw in a nice player skin as well.

I'm currently downloading and syncing Antrim Escape 2. I'm really exited to play the sequel since the first game was awesome. I'm hoping to get more complex puzzles (the first game really had me thinking). Afterwards, I might just write another Antrim Escape 2 Walkthrough. Stay tuned.