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Antrim Escape 2 is an escape-based puzzle game (or the other way around) that is extremely challenging. Close to everyone get stuck somewhere, and this walkthrough aims at reducing the level of frustration when that happens. If you get stuck, come read this guide, and move on. I'm against simply following this Antrim Escape 2 Walkthrough in order to complete the game, it's about enjoying the puzzles - not rushing through them.

But if you're stuck - feel free to read more! It really sucks when you don't know what to do.

My Walkthrough for Antrim Escape can be found here! If you like Antrim Escape 2, I think you'd like the first one as well.

Please note: all images are at the bottom of the page. Please use them for reference.
Chapter 1:

We start off as Emma, trapped in a room. Step 1: collect all items. Pick up the bucket and the piece of metal from the wall you start looking at. Go right. Take the trowel by the flowerpots, tap the pots, and dig up the can of candy using the trowel. You could also open the can using the trowel and shake it to get the candy inside (used later).

Go right. Take the magnifying glass on the door (center of the top piece) and the yellow snake statue. See image for references, since the snake might be hard to find. Never mind the owl. Tap the fountain below the owl and place the candies in the right places to get some matches. E.g. round symbol on the candy goes on the round spot, square goes on the square. Remember the what colors are put where (write it down) since it's a combination we'll use in a minute.

Go back, and then right. Tap the big fountain. Tilting your phone will move the background, and on the left side we got a tablet, and on the right side we got some notes written on the wall. Pick up the tablet, leave the notes for now. The color buttons on the fountain represents a combination, which is how the candies were placed. I got Blue - Green - Yellow+Red which gives me the combination of Blue - Green - Orange (since yellow mixed with red becomes orange). Fill up your bucket.

Now go and find the combination on the wall behind the fountain. Don't forget to select the magnifying glass in order to be able to tap and read it! Write it down - it's another code. Go back to the flower pot, the one with the green and yellow flowers. It's a game of tic-tac-toe, but one plant is missing. Since there are more green plants than yellow, we can assume that the last one is a yellow plant (at least this was correct for me). The code on the wall represents a plant, so a box will represent the middle plant, and a U-shape the top plant. My code became: G G X G X Y Y X G G, where G=green, Y=Yellow and X=the missing plant. Now, tap the vent behind the fountain (Not the fountain), zoom in to find it if you have to. Enter the code and the vent will open. What about the other vent, then?

Tap the vent left of the fountain, you'll see a few lines in four colors (Yellow, Blue, Green and White). The white lines is only for show, ignore them. Tilt the iPhone/iPod until each lines of the same color align into a digit (see image). I got yellow 9. Do this for all of the three digits. Go back to the vent and enter this combination, i got 096. Note that the yellow digit goes into the yellow circle and so on.

Go to the first wall you saw, the one where you found the bucket and tap the glass tubes. One of the tubes will have a piece of wood in it, so fill that tube up with water and take it. It will have five numbers that indicate how much water each tube should have in order to solve the puzzle. So "5" means you should tap the tube five times (fill it up to the 5th line). Tap the button below to empty the tube.
Next up is a bit tricky: you will need to use your hearing. Press the red button and listen to the tune, then tap the tubes to replicate the song. It seems that the song and combo is same for each game, but the location (amount of water in tube) differs. I belive the right combo is: 4ml 7ml 4ml 7ml 4ml 3ml 5ml 7ml, where "4ml" means filled up to the 4th line.

Take all the round discs you've found and place them in their sockets by the door (NOT the one with the owl, the other door). A key will drop out, pick it up and place it in one of the two locks.

Chapter 2:

You now play as Ryan. Pick up the soap form the ground, and the blue paper under the chair (right button is blocking it, zoom in and scroll there to see it). Next swap to Emma (tap Ryan's face beside the menu button), go to the door by the owl and tap the bottom. Select the magnifying glass and tap the bottom - you will place it there. Swap to Ryan and tap the bottom of the door and pick up the object. Go right.
Pick up the wooden game and the piece of wood (it looks like it's a part of the painting, but it's not, clever..). Select the magnifying glass and tap the note on the wall, at the edge of the table and left of the flowers. It simply states that a number will give you a ball, and that ball will give you the key using the wooden game. Note the numbers.

Back to the door, push in the tiles so that Emma can read the numbers. I got 49. Please note that "9" is not drawn as some might think, it's basicly an "8" missing a tile. Check for reference. A ball will drop on Emma's side, pick it up and pass it like you did before with the magnifying glass. Double tap the game in the inventory (detail screen), tap the ball, and then tap the game. Simply finish the maze to get the key to unlock the only other door on Ryan's side. Hint: do it slowly. No need to rush - it will only make you fail.

Chapter 3:

We'll start off by opening the door to Emma, since it's what this chapter is for anyway. The door from the piano room to where Emma is allows passing of bigger items, so transfer the wooden stick. On Emma's side, double tap the metal object, then the stick, then the metal object. They will combine into an axe. Use the axe to chop wood, and give it to Ryan. You also want to put the candies back in the metal box and give it to Ryan. Lastly - give him the matches.

Now, let's copy that key. Take the key out of the door, go to the other door (by the owl) and pass it to Ryan. As Ryan, pick it up and press it into the soap (double tap soap, tap key, tap soap), and take the key out. Go back into the piano room. Facing the fireplace, go right and pick up the bottle of liquor (the one not stuck). Go back to the fireplace and tap it to zoom-in. Place the wood, and soak it with liquor (tap bottle, then tap the wood a couple of times) then light it with the matches. Put the can with the candies inside into the fireplace and then take it out with the tongs (found facing the fireplace, at the edge of the rug). Moment of glory: select the soap by double tap, and fill the mold with the melted candy. You'll get a duplicated key, take it out. Go back to the door outside and pass Emma the original key and then the copied one (if it says "I don't think Emma needs this", she needs to put the original key in the lock before she can get the next one). After both keys are in, the door will open. Tap the entrance to continue...

Chapter 4:

Important note: do not go into the fountain-room and take out the duplicated key. The game will glitch and you might have to restart. You do not need to go into that room anyway.

Start off my collecting the items. There's a tear in the chair, tap it a few times to get a piece of paper (you can only see the tear when looking at the piano. Next, shake the curtains a few times until something drops, then tap the edge of the curtain by the piano (by the floor) and pick up the ring. Next you want to select the blue piece of paper and light it with the matches (double tap paper, tap matches, tap paper) - some symbols will appear. Facing the bottles (where you found the liquor), select the matches and tap the bottle stuck in the table. It will explode. Now you can pick up the red gem.

Let's unlock the yellow pillar by the fireplace: face the piano and tap it. You will zoom in on a book. Tap the paper you found in the chair and tap the left side of the book, placing it there. Next up, select the ring and press the middle of the book. A shadow will appear, and the very tip will be exactly where a line of color is. This is your color. Next you have to remember 3 symbols (one in each ring) that have your color on it. I got dark-green so my combination was O- (O with a line through it, don't have it on my keyboard^^) , O (regular O) and OII (regular O with roman numeral 2).

Back to the fireplace, tap the yellow pillar and rotate each ring so that your symbol is on top. If it doesn't work, try to double check everything, sometimes I rotated it into the wrong position by accident.

The green pillar got another code, so let's go look for it! Facing the fireplace, tap the left corner of the rug. You will zoom in, so if nothing happens it means you tapped in the wrong place. It can be a bit tricky, but it's the corner where you found the tongs. When zoomed in, tap the rug to roll it in a bit, revealing a crack in the floor. Select the axe and hit the crack, you'll see a number combination. This is the code for the green pillar, so write it down.

Each symbol has it's own value, where I = 1 and II = 2 and so on. The others can be a bit tricky, but I'll make a list here: 1=I 2=II 3=III 4=O- (O with line through it) 5=O 6=OI 7=OII 8=OIII and 9=OO-. Simply put, the O is worth 5 and the O- is worth 4. The code goes from center to the top facing upwards so 336 will be Center: III Middle: III Top:OI.

You've probably already tried to unlock the cupboard, havn't you? There are seven digits, so don't even think about brute-forcing it :D! The text on the lock "What's left is unnecessary" is a crucial hint. The blue boxes want to have digits from the blue piece of paper while the rest want to have digits from the paintings by the door Emma came through. Every digit is mirrored into a picture, see my images for reference - so my red combination is 3-7-9. The blue combination is extracted using the same method: I got 4-8-5-6. Please note that the ball hanging from a stick is a "5", which wasn't that logical for me.
Red combo in red boxes, Blue combo in blue boxes - the cupboard will automatically open.

Take the snake from the cupboard and place it in the green pillar, and take the yellow snake and place it in the yellow pillar. Place the tablet from behind the fountain on top of the fireplace (tap the owl if he's in the way). Now you want the owl to sit on the tablet, since the footprints resemble those of an owl (or something, but he needs to sit on it), so select the metal ball and tap the owl to throw it at him. For me, he started off at the fireplace, going to the door (had to move him in order to place the tablet), flying to the opposite wall, and then back to the fireplace. Some magic will happen, and he will fly up and push a button for us, unlocking a hole above the fireplace.

Place the wooden game in that hole and rotate the snakes so that they are facing each other by tapping the pillar (tapping the snake will only pick it up). If all is done right - press the wooden game to continue. If nothing happends, try rotating the snakes around a bit, perhaps it looks right but they are not actually facing each other.

The game is not that hard - avoid the roof and floor. Tilt your iPhone/iPod to move the ball. A really good advice is to think before you move - you don't want to get stuck in a trap (yes, there are U-shaped traps and holes to fall into). Also, you sometimes need to wait for a platform to show itself before you can jump down, so stay cool and focus. Enter the hole with the key in it at the end to "win".

Key goes in the door by the fireplace. Congratulations - you've finished the game!

Beneath are the images for reference, most of them are marked with black boxes that highlight areas you can tap on to perform tasks or pick up items.
If you have any questions feel free to post a comment or email me. I'll try to update my walkthrough if anything is unclear.