Not too long ago an update was released to Antrim Escape 2, giving us a ton of new puzzles and an alternate escape route. If you are looking for the regular Antrim Escape 2 Walkthrough click here! For those who want help on how to solve the alternate escape - read on.

Notice: I've now completed the secret escape. Details below.

Game Modifications

I've found a few changes. You now get a quick in-game tutorial when starting a new game, you have a map... and you can get hints. The hint for the Antrim Escape Secret ending is "The 13 sockets below the liquor bottles represent 13 secret quests. Solving all 13 reveals the secret ending. Hints are not given for these puzzles as they are intended to bring out the very best of your escaping skill! Good luck!"

Golden numbers (and letters)

Golden number A - Light the blue bottle in the living room, an "A" will appear. Symbol on the bottle represents the symbols on the door. Get the golden A by writing a capital A using the buttons on the door (like you wrote numbers earlier). If in doubt, the correct pattern is ( O= pushed in):

Golden number 2 - Get the salt by the liquor bottles and fill the tube containing the leftover wooden piece. Pour some salt into the tube to make it float to the top. Fill the tubes using this amount to make a green button appear. Empty the tubes. Put out the fire in the living room using the bucket and scratch off the burnt-out part at the back using the trowel. You'll get four sets of five digits each. Mine is: 67701-31312-20046-43504. Now, the puzzle here is to play the tune without removing any water. A "6" means "tap a tube with 6 units of water in it". For example: Fill tube 1 with 6 units, tap it, add one more unit (now 7 units in tube 1) and tap it twice. Tap the second tube (0 units of water), add one unit and tap it again. Note that the green button will light up if you do things correctly, and will go out if you make a mistake.

Golden number 3 - Look at number 4 first. Once more, put out the fire, go back, and then tap the fireplace. Emma will say "hoot hoot". Wait until the owl comes down with number three in its' mouth.

Golden number 4 - Extinguish the fire and place the mouse cookie on the firewood. The owl will come down to munch on it. Pour some liquor on the wood and light it, the owl will fly away and drop a 4.

Golden number 5 - When completing the game, you'll get the wooden game back. Play it again, but this time aim for the hole with the yellow highlight in it. This will give you a golden five.

Golden number 6 - Same as golden number 9, they are stuck together.

Golden number 7 - Water the dry sunflower, number seven aiding you in your secret escape will be revealed at the top of the flower.

Golden number 8 - This one can be a bit tricky. You'll get the golden eight from where you placed the three Egyptian plates. Pick up the golden plate from the wall where you found the liquor and take note of where the three symbols are (same as the ones on the discs). Mine was 7, Q and 8. Go to the table by the couch and find those cards, take note of where the suit symbol is pointing. For me it was left, right, top right. Go to where you placed the Egyptian places, insert the golden plate in the hole and turn the discs accordingly. Push the button, press the hole and get the plate with an engraved golden 8. Detail view and tap to extract it. Please note: I had some trouble with this one, the black dots indicate what is up and down on the playing cards. Each card can have a possible state of two direction (left could be right and so on), so if it doesn't work for you, re-check everything. If not you could try all eight possible rotations.

Golden number 9 - You need to have the golden 2 in order to do this, as well as the red and green gem. Go to the piano and place the green gem in the hole where the light shines through (top middle of the screen), remember the positions. Repeat with the red gem. Compile both patterns into a code, mine became "GRGRGRRG" (a previous game gave me "GGGGGGGR"), where G is green and R is red. Go to the water tubes and press the red and green button according to the code. Box will open and give you a 69, which you in detail view can break up into a 6 and a 9 using the axe.

Golden number 10 (T) - By far the easiest. Look at the door where you escaped, a golden T should be at the back of the door.

Golden number J - Equip the soap and use it on the fountain to wash your hands. Go into a detail view and tap the soap again to pull out the J.

Golden number Q - Facing the piano, tap at the bottom of the window right next to the door. Check image for reference. You'll get a pipe. Go outside and place the pipe in the horizontal one mounted to the wall, pour liquor, light it and bend it with the tongs. Put ball at the top pipe and out will come a golden Q.

Golden number K - The blue note found in the cupboard (where you'll also find a snake) suggest the interlocking doors have a key mold at the bottom. Fetch your trowel and dig up some wet clay from the sunflower pot. Pull out one of the keys to the door, tap the bottom of the door (like when you were transferring items before) and place the clay there. Pull out the last key, insert it again, fetch the clay, and insert the last key to open the doors fully. The clay will be in the shape of a key. Place the key inside the fire to harden it and get it out. Facing the fountain, tap the vent at the very right to get a zoomed-in view - use the key here. Extract the golden king.


I'd like to thank everyone for commenting and helping me write this post! I finished the Antrim Escape Secret Escape thanks to the hints I got! It also helped me write this walkthrough so quickly. Again - thanks! Don't hesitate to comment if you have any questions or if you get stuck. Cheers!