I've had loads to do these last days (but I'm giving myself some time off today, wohoo!). Without shame I admit I've been lousy with following the concept of POTD.

I'm currently writing a lot of HTML/PHP as well as fiddling with my semi-broken computer. On top of that I'm spending a lot of time on a translation job I'm doing for GameHive Games. It's hard finding the motivation and take the time to create something if you have better things to do. Unfortunately. Lucky me, the material to be translated are in text although some instructions and help material for my studies are in video. How does one watch a video with no sound?

I've tried close to everything, and I'm pretty sure the audio circuit is broken/fried/whatever. Windows refuses to play sound except from the front audio port (and it gives me a high amount of noise). Yesterday I booted into Kubuntu, thinking it could be OS-specific... but it was to no avail. I'm stuck with no audio, and I don't think it's a good idea to get a sound card to fix the issue. If one circuit breaks down.. how long before the system comes crashing down? Gigabyte Ultra-Durable my ass.

I'm looking into multiple solutions at the moment, but all of them include buying a new motherboard (and probably a new CPU). The current setup could be used as a high-end home server. Note to self: Do not buy AMD-related stuff ever again.