I just got back from repairing my speakers - an old 5.1 system from Logitech. In your face consumerism!

The initial problem was that one speaker was silent. It might not seem like a big deal, but I had removed the rear left and rear right speakers - making my system go from 5.1 to 2.1 (not using the middle speaker as well). Now 1.1 is useless to me, so I tried to find a quick-fix, but failed.

Later on the lonely speaker died - leaving me without audio. Headset to the rescue, but I don't like having to be in my chair to listen to music or talking via Skype.

The issue was in the cable. The green 3,5 mm plug did give me audio sometimes, problem was that I had to fiddle around with it constantly in order to get some bad audio. Solution? Repair.

How to repair your speakers is easy and doesn't require that much skill. All you need, basicly, is a knife. My 5.1 system have 3 plugs, each with their own cable, so by exchanging the green for the black I thought I would get it to work since all 3,5 mm is identical. Here's how you do it: cut off the green cable at the middle (after the broken area) and do the same with the black cable. Inside you got 2 wires, one red and one green or black. Connect red to red and then the two remaining.

There was, however, a bunch of small copper wires running within the cable, but not being inside the smaller wires. These make up the bass, making my sub woofer come to life. I thought they were the ground or such at first, but turns out it's not.

Just braggin' about me not having to buy a new pair of speakers. Feel free to mail me if you're going to try this yourself and need something more in-depth.