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Antrim Escape
Antrim Escape

Are you looking for the Antrim Escape 3 Walkthrough?

Are you looking for the Antrim Escape 2 Alternate or Secret Escape?

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Here goes the Antrim Escape walkthrough as promised!
Click “Read More” in order to view it (don’t want to spoil it for those who do not want it).

Antrim Escape is a game for Apple’s iPhone. Developed by GameHive Games.

UPDATE 2: Please read the existing comments before posting new ones, almost everything has been asked before
UPDATE 3: Go to for more information about the game and it’s developer!

UPDATE 4: The two most common questions are about the PENDANT and the COINS. It is found at the top of the big clock, and the last coin can be found at the bottom of the candle. When the candle is burned-out, double tap it to get the detailed view and then tap it to extract the coin! I just uploaded an image of the pendulum at the top of the clock to clarify. Cheers!

I’m using DESK, WALL, SHELF, BALCONY and DOORS to describe where I am.

Tap the painting on the desk. Pick up the key.
Tap the flower pot. Tap it a few times. You peel of the cover. The X’s represent what bricks to tap later in the game in order to open a wall.
Pick up the candle at the desk.
Turn to double-doors, select candle, place it underneith the mirror. Press the mirror – fog is created and it will reveal NEWS or such (don’t know if it’s random). It will be used later to open a compass.
Hold the iPhone above you. You will see the ceiling. Pick up the gem at the bottom of the lamp. Shake the phone to free the key. When it falls down, turn to the wall and pick it up.

The secret table

When we’re faceing the wall, zoom in at the little desk over here. At the right edge, tap the grey button. You will pick it up. This is the handle to the sink at the balcony.

Face the bookshelf. Tap the wagon to pick up cloth. This will be put in the sink later on.
Inside the wagon,you will find a coin. Pick it up.
At the right side, zoom in. Underneath the cat, you will see a piece of wood. This will later combine into a hammer.
Use a key to open the right cabinet. Pickup rope.
Double tap middle cabinet in order to un-stuck it.

Combination for the lock

Oh, right, pickup the doorknob from the right cabinet. turn to the desk, and place it in the right door. Open, get the compass and use the key written on the mirror to open it (NEWS in my game).

Inside it, tap the scroll. Don’t look at what’s written – focus on the whitespace. In my case 5887 was the combination to the lock found in the desk’s left drawer.

Head outside to the balcony. Tap the piece of wood next to the sink. Use the rope, and tap the very end of the balcony in order to place it on the edge. You can’t climb down.
Tap the sink. Use the tablebutton as the handle. Remove the plug at the bottom, pick up the coin, place the plug back in and turn on the water.
Put the cloth in the water, make it wet.

Music Box
The Strange Music Box

Get to the bookshelf. Tap the weird music box.

Use the piece of wood found outside and place it where one piece is missing. Press the middle button, listen to the music. Now, replay it. Pro-tip: get one note at a time, replay the thing, get another. When you play the music exactly as played – it will open. Pickup the key and open the left cabinet at the shelf.

Get the metal, combine it with the piece of wood to make a hammer.
Get to the crystal ball, use the wet cloth, use the hammer. Pickup coin. Look at the note. This is a time, 00:59 in my case.
Goto the desk. Tap the clock. Move the hour/minute to the given time and tap the dor above the clock. If correct, the bird will give you a key. Zoom out. Pick up the item on top of the clock.

Use the key to open the desk’s left cabinet. Use the combination found earlier in the compass. Tap the button. If it don’t work, make sure the text matches the input you gave… this was a major glitch in V1.0.

Use the key to open middle drawer. In there, use the letter nife to open the pendant.
Use the screwdriver to get the painting at the wall down. You have to tap the top, so zoom in and tap where it is bolted.
Now, remember the flower pot? The X’s represent what blocks to press, so if it says row2-block3-row3-block-4 you should push Row2’s block 3 and so on. I think it should be tapped at the same time (multi-touch).

The clock and the pendant
Map and it's hidden gem.

The note found inside the pendant gives you the location of the second gem. Mine said (12/13) .. it is randomized each time. It represents the coordinates on the map above the desk. Simply zoom in, count the dashes at the edges and tap at the given location. It can be a bit tricky. Under the map you will find a gem.

Get to the wall, open the bricks with the pot’s combination. Now comes the tricky part – place the coins in the right combination. This is wired .. i did it randomly. There are books in the shelf in a certain order, but it won’t work and so on. Just place the coins here, anyway.

Place the two gems in the contained sword. Pick it up.
Face the doubledoors, cut the curtains with the sword. Pick them up.
Go outside, use the pieces to extend the rope.


I simply wrote this from a few screenshots I took on my iPhone some time ago. It might be a bit clutterd, so please excuse me. Also, I didn’t find the second gem until V1.1 when “The longitud/latitud looks strange”-was added.

Please comment if you like this post, feel free to add more hints (esp about the coins!).
I’m relly looking forward to the next release!

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  1. I just got the rusted key (1st one) to he door from the compass but need the other one from the clock thru pendulum.. please help!! :(

  2. I cannot get the hammer together, advice anyone? I’ve clicked on them many times and nothing

  3. HELP!! I can’t unlock the brick wall!! I tried multi tapping it doesnt work and I did get the spot right…

  4. Can anyone please tell me where can i find the bird’s cage to get golden key for the secret door escape

  5. North east south west …..nesw …news
    turn the compast n click it in that order (north east west south) hope that help :)
    thanks for the wLk through I wAs stuck ahaha.

  6. I cant get the compass open either. I understand the clue is “news” from the mirror but how do you use that to unlock the compass? Totally confused :(

  7. please help me!i don’t know how to open the a bit hard.


  9. Just to add. The sequence of the coins is as follows:
    1) look at the 5 colored buttons on the small desk where you picked up the sink handle from.
    2) look at the books on the shelf at their dates and colours.
    3) arrange the books according to the colours on the buttons. In my case is red, yellow, green , blue, purple.
    4) look at the dates. Mine is 1892 1903 1884 1913 1918.
    5) Put the coins accordingly and it’ll open. :)

    Thanks for the lovely walkthrough ESP the part about shaking the phone.

  10. In regards to the order of the coins- each coin shares a date with a book and each book has a color. The colors match the remaining “buttons” on the desk- simply insert the coins in the order on the desk based on the color of their book. :)

  11. So you did a FANTASTIC job on the walkthrough, and I was wondering if maybe you would write a very detailed walkthrough on how to use the secret exit. Thanks!!! (it might also help a lot of people if you made the part more specific about the coins, where to find them and stuff, and the compass, and how to open it using “NEWS”, and also the number thing in the compass. Ooh!! And the wall/pot puzzle) FANTASTIC walkthrough tho!!! Thank you so much!!!!

  12. I can’t open the wall, I am pressing 2 bricks as on the pot but no success . I really like this escape and would like to finish it. Any suggestions how to open the wall ? Should I press bricks in the same time or separately?

  13. Can anyone tell me how the holy nuggets do I find the hidden jam on the map? My note inside the pendant says 10/22 but the just won’t show up!

    Thanks if anyone knows, please tell meeeee :)

    Here’s the alternate escape from the room instead of climbing down the rope:

    1. You need two keys in order to open the standard door.

    2. One of them is found in the compass (not that hard to spot to be honest, it’s just a bit dark though).

    3. The other one is found in the clock. Use the pendulum. Hint: The cat’s (@bookshelf) eye-movements represent a code.

    4. Do not progress to far into the old escape-route, the candle WILL burn out. You need it to read the text once you get past the door. Hint: Turn upsidedown and learn to read 1337.

    5. Middle cabinet has a purpose, and the music box is an item to reuse.

    Hope this helps and also gives a different way out and I sat a lot of peeps asking so I decided to share my little secret with you all. Have a great time playing. I’m fixing to start playing the second one to this one (the sequel)!! Have fun!!!