Det finns många underskattade saker här i världen, exempelvis klassisk musik, som i princip är död för många ungdomar idag. I kontrast finns det även väldigt många överskattade ting… … skraplotter. Vad är poängen med skraplotter, egentligen? De kostar mycket pengar, och de anses helt okej att ge bort dem i present till någon. Vinner […]

Blog Updated!

I just finished updating the WordPress installation, which took some time. The automatic update didn’t work ’cause of some reason so I had to do it myself. Not too hard, just required a bit of reading. I’m still astonished by how great it works, both running and updating, since it’s free. Cheers to you developers!


Merry Christmas everybody! Do we still say that or do we go for “Happy Holidays”? Nah, let’s go for the oldskool and religious one – Merry Christmas! I’d love to cheer you all up by replying to the comments on my latest walkthrough, but I’m off to my cousins to spend Christmas there. I’ll try […]

An Update

My birthday is tomorow – woho! Awesome. I’ve been sloppy with updates here (if anyone cares, I’m sorry), due to a number of reasons. First off I’ve been at my friend’s place having a blast. LAN might not be healthy, but they sure are fun. I’m working on a clean Minecraft texture pack which will […]