Weird game: Sanctum

I’m a real sucker for tower-defense games, although I’ve only played them as Warcraft III maps or flash games (except Plants vs Zombies). Sanctum takes it all to the next level using modern 3D-graphics together with a touch of FPS-shooting. Shooting down hordes of units are fun fun fun and it’s the reason why Killing […]

DNS Change

I’ll write this post later on, just gotta make sure I write this on the correct site. Okay, there we go. I’m sorry about the not-writing-new-stuff thing, and I’m sorry about the possible loss of comments during this DNS transfer. Basically the DNS ( translates into an IP-adress which a computer uses to load the […]

Good TV-series to watch

TV – oh the great invention! Not that I watch any TV at all, no, I watch everything on my computer, but a great invention nevertheless. I wonder why it’s called TV-series instead of only series… but that’s not important. The important thing is what I watch! I’m currently watching/following Community, Fringe, The Big Bang […]