Använder folk fortfarande antivirus?

“Surfa inte på skumma hemsidor” – jo visst. Hur gör folk idag? Igår framkallade både chips och knäckebröd cancer – idag äter folk det som vanligt. Saker och ting förändras. Har vi slutat äta antivirusprogram? Läste en uppsats om det nyss, kanske inte helt relaterat men det fick igång tankeverksamheten. När jag var mindre ansåg […]

Why do blogs die?

I wonder why beautiful things are left alone and forgotten. Why people abandon things they have worked so hard on, why they deserted them. Same goes for blogs, why would anyone simply let their blog die? Since most blogs are hosted using automated system, they are not cleaned up afterwards. The hosting companies want to […]

DNS Change

I’ll write this post later on, just gotta make sure I write this on the correct site. Okay, there we go. I’m sorry about the not-writing-new-stuff thing, and I’m sorry about the possible loss of comments during this DNS transfer. Basically the DNS ( translates into an IP-adress which a computer uses to load the […]