How to import the OWASP Broken Web Applications virtual machine in VirtualBox

Step 1 Download the OWASP BWA files: Step 2 Create a folder and extract all files there. Probably a good idea to put the folder right next to your other virtual machines, if you have any. This folder shouldn’t move around. Step 3 Open VirtualBox and create a new machine named OWASP BWA (or […]

How to Restore OwnCloud Password Without an Email

Forgetting your password can be tiresome, especially if you’re the (only) administrator. Owncloud allows you to reset your password via the user-supplied email address, but this does of course only work if you have an email associated with your account. Furthermore, the system needs to have a mail server configured. Perhaps you don’t, because of […]

Configure SSH to Use Keyfiles Automatically

If you have multiple SSH-keys, perhaps a different one to each server, this can make your life a lot easier. Less typing is better. Or perhaps you are configuring a remote git repository, or access through some other software. Go ahead and nano ~/.ssh/config And add Host IdentityFile ~.ssh/yourkey Change the domain and filename […]

Stop Apache2 from listening on port 80

I assume you have enabled SSL so the site is accessible via HTTPS. Assuming you haven’t changed the configuration, go ahead and type unlink /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default This would remove the symlink named 000-default, which points to the default vhost found in sites-available. If you have altered the config, make sure to remove any vhost listening on […]