How to set up and compile Aircrack-ng on a Raspberry Pi

The Aircrack-ng suite is a collection of useful tools aiding you in collecting wireless data and recovering wireless passwords. Perhaps it’s questionable to call it “password recovery”, since surely it’s easier logging into the wireless access point and read the password – but at least it has some legitimate uses. I wanted to dump all […]

Raspberry Pi – Control the on board LED lights

If you want to control a LED from the command line, but you’re not comfortable using the GPIO (and perhaps soldering), then feel free to use the HDD Status LED on the Raspberry Pi chip. It’s a fun feature, but pretty useless. Most of Raspberry Pi’s LEDs are hardware-controlled, meaning you can’t control them from […]

i3wm – i3status unable to detect battery fix

If you install i3wm and i3status fail to detect your battery, here’s one solution: Open /etc/i3status.conf and look for “battery 0 {“. Add the following line inside the battery config: path = “/sys/class/power_supply/BAT1/uevent” The location might differ, so navigate to power_supply and find the BATX appropriate for you. I’ve seen someone use BAT%d in their […]